My Allotment

Welcome to my blog. This is the story of my allotment.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Had my first ever harvest of 20 odd radishes a couple of weeks ago and some of my Little Gem lettuces and turnips look about ready now. Will dig some up at the weekend. Free Image Hosting at <a" />

Potatoes were a little damaged by frost (again) Monday night but they'll do ok. Free Image Hosting at <a" />

Bought some sprout plants from ebay but these have all died as we went away at the weekend and couldn't water them. My neighbour Ken has stepped in and has kindly given me 5 of his surplus with the promise of some of his raspberry canes once he's harvested the fruit.

Cabbages and cauliflowers are all doing well and I have now covered my brassica bed with enviromesh to keep the bugs off.

Have now established a comfrey bed and am pleased to report that all 10 are now showing various amount of leaf growth. I was a bit concerned that I would lose some of them but all looks ok. Have placed a 'hosta halo' over each to keep the slugs off.
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I have also planted 20 or so leeks purchased from a garden centre and all seem to be doing ok. Peppers are doing nicely too under their umbrella cloche and are developing flower buds which will hoefully develop into fruit.
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I spent 8 hours on site today weeding and digging up some of the grass paths around the brassica beds as it's getting difficult to keep the couch grass under control. I will eventually dig up all the paths which will also give more growing room.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The story so far

I first viewed the allotment in August 2004, when Mel, my fiancee suggested that I phoned the council to see if any allotments were available. Expecting to be told that there was a waiting list of half a lifetime I was pleasantly surprised to be offered one straightway on a plot quite close to where we live in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. We viewed it later that day and signed up for it right away.

Unfortunately, the plot I decided to take was greatly neglected and overgrown. I was advised that the council would mow and rotavate it and then I could get started. Local authorities being what they are, they didn't do any work on it until December so I missed the whole autumn season.

Starting in January, I measured out and dug over 4 beds measuring about 10 yards long by 4 feet wide and dug in 8 bags of manure. I thought it would be nice to leave grass paths between the beds (couch grass) which, with hindsight, was a mistake as the roots are intruding on the beds and the paths need mowing. I intend the dig up the paths soon(ish).

First crops were planted on Good Friday: Saxon and Anya potatoes and Setton onions. All are doing quite well although potatoes have been frost damaged a couple of times but are recovering. Since then I've planted Gonzales cabbage, Igloo cauliflower, Cherry Belle radish (first crop to be harvested in a week or two), Atlantic turnip, Red Baron red onion, a couple of garlic and 4 pepper plants from a garden centre, Ishikuro spring onions, Romanseco brocolli, Little Gem lettuce, Nantes2 and Autumn King carrots and some Chervil and Sage as companion plants.

Carrots and spring onions have been slow to germinate but there is some sign of life there.

Weeding is a constant job especially the battle with the couch grass. Have now received some comfrey roots which I plan to put in this weekend (21/22 May).
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